How to Get an Accurate Quote on Patio Door Glass Repair

The Most Important Details For A True Estimate on Glass Replacement

The most important thing a home owner can do to make sure they get the most accurate and best price is to grab a few details about their broken glass.

  1. Get an approximate size of the panel that’s broken. Don’t get to close and get cut, just measure the daylight(inside to inside of the frame where the glass is). Get a Width and a Height in Inches. For example something close to 34 ” width by 92″ height would be a 34×92
  2. Is it single or dual pane? That means one pane of glass thick, or 2 panes of glass in thickness!
  3. Is there any color or tint to the glass. Bronze(brownish tint) is very common as is a slight green or blue tint(Low-E energy Efficient glass).

With that information you should be able to call a glass company and get a quick accurate quote on your patio door glass replacement.

Sliding Glass Door Replaced Due to Breakage

Standard Sized Patio Door Glass

If your broken patio door glass falls into one of the most common standard sizes this is good news as some emergency glass replacement companies provide same day service. For instance if you research 24 hour same day patio door glass replacement in Phoenix AZ you will come across Valleywide Glass. They mention on their website that the most common sizes used in residential patio doors are as follows:

28×76, 34×76, 34×9, 46×76 for Sliding Arcadia Doors

20×64, 22×64, 22×80 for French Style Swing Doors

Types of Patio Door Glass

All door glass will have to be tempered due to code. So any place you buy a glass insert that is anything close to reputable should always be using high quality glass. You can tell the difference between tempered glass and regular annealed glass by how it breaks. Some windows will have tempered glass in them if they are near a door or close to the ground. For the most part when glass breaks in a door it is pretty easy to remove. You can put down a tarp and tap the glass with a broom handle while standing back in safety. The tempered glass should just fall right off onto the ground. At that point you will realize there is a lot more glass in a door then you would normally think. Those doors way hundreds of pounds and having a professional company come out and take care of that replacement may be your only option.  Also the glass that is used will not come from Home Depot or Lowes or any other place that is readily accessible.

Where Does Residential Glass Come From?

Pretty much all glass that is used in construction, installations, new window fabrications and glass replacements come from big manufacturers that have safety guidelines on the glass that they sell. Now most of the actual factories are in China but the quality of glass they produce must meet the strict American guidelines so that is not a worry. You can research some of the big glass manufacturers if you would like to know more about the process. GlazTech, TruLite, Cardinal, Old Castle are some of the nationwide manufacturers of glass.

Hope this article helped and thanks for reading.

What is the difference between single and dual pane glass?

The Difference Between Single Pane and Dual Pane Glass Windows

Most homeowners don’t truly care very much about the details of their home renovation and construction projects. Aside from the price tag, stability, and design, most people have more important things to focus on than different types of wood, varieties of metal and their different advantages or disadvantages, or the multiple kinds of glass. It definitely can be overwhelming at worst and annoying at best to consider all of these seemingly-minute nuances, but it is always a good idea to do some research. With that in mind, stay tuned to learn about the difference between single pane and dual pane glass!
single vs dual pane window glass image

What is a single pane Window

A single pane window is probably exactly what you imagine it to be: a sheet of glass separating the inside of your home from the outside that can be opened at will. A dual pane, sometimes called double pane, window is the same idea, but features two different panels of glass parallel to each other within the same frame. These two sheets of glass are separated by a small (usually less than an inch, but it can vary) space. To the uninitiated, this may not sound like it matters, but in reality it can have sizable ramifications. Allow us to summarize for you the difference between single pane and dual pane windows.

Advantages to Dual Pane Windows

They are highly energy-efficient! This is the main benefit of dual pane windows, and the main reason behind their design. Using less heat during the winter and less air conditioning during the summer is good for both the environment and your family’s wallet. In fact, there are even triple pane windows that use three sheets of glass instead of two for added insulation. The space between the panes is either left empty with air or filled with a special insulating gas to add to the energy efficiency.Dual pane windows are sometimes thought to be safer from threats and breaks, as the second pane is thought to behave like a “backup” barrier. This could be some added protection from rogue sports balls or blind birds.

Disadvantages to Dual Pane Windows

Single pane windows are usually easy enough to replace by hand with the right tools, even if you aren’t a professional. However, dual pane windows tend to be more difficult to replace due to the bulk of the second pane. This usually results in spending a little more money on their installation.

Since dual pane windows are relatively new and many homeowners are hesitant to replace their single pane windows with the double pane style. As a result, there tend to be less stylistic options to choose from if you’re trying to give your home a fresh new look. Also, replacing single pane windows with double pane windows can be very expensive, and it might be a smarter idea to research other weatherproofing techniques for your home and slowly replacing the windows one at a time whenever you come by the extra money.

While the second pane can add a bit of protection from any unexpected outdoor threats, if both panes end up shattered, this will obviously be harder to clean up and can present more of a danger of being injured.
Of course, the major difference between the two is the energy efficiency, which is popularly considered the smartest investment to make. Dual pane windows are thought to “pay for themselves” in the winter months, but of course, the decision is ultimately yours!

What are Low-E Windows?

Low-E Glass

Just what is Low E Glass

Reduced E glass, E represents emissivity, was presented in 1979 as well as is currently a wonderful preferred amongst specialists. Reduced E glass works by showing warm the very same during the winter months and summer, utilizing a slim metal covering on or in the glass. These windows could be set up almost in all regions of the globe, but the main aspect is connected to the structure style and home window placement. As a building contractor, you could use them for your brand-new tasks or perhaps in major redesigns, ideally for health care centers as preserving temperature levels is essential in some of these facilities. These windows could supply numerous benefits for the structure proprietor as they can save as long as 50 percent in power usage, give higher functional effectiveness, boosted access to daylight as well as all-natural views for residents without boosting energy prices for heating and air conditioning.

Where to find Low E Glass?

If you are looking in the Phoenix AZ area you might try

You can find low e glass in most of the modern windows and glass doors that are installed in the USA. I’d guess about 90% of all glass being installed nowadays is going to be low e glass. They are for dual panes because you don’t want to use for single pane because the special energy efficient coating can rub off in the sunlight and exposed to the elements.

Do I need Low-E Glass?

IF you are already replacing your window or patio door glass then you should go ahead and get the Low-E versions. They are not that much more expensive and they come standard in most applications. If you are replacing a broken glass pane and you get cheap and want to go with standard clear then it will look a little different because the Low E glass has a slight greenish and bluish tint.


Find Company for New Window Replacement

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Grow your energy efficiency and update the look of you home with new windows! With constantly rising energy costs, it has become so necessary to access areas in which to save energy, replacement windows can help you do just that! Achieve the look and efficiency you want.
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Dual Pane Window Replacement

Window replacing contractors on can help keep you comfortable all year long! We have prescreened many companies and for that reason we have identified the best! Below are the types of information you may consider for your bid to local Window Installation Contractors:

Number of window panes you are looking for in replacement windows?
Type of window frame?
Number and dimensions of windows to be installed.
Other project details you can provide will ensure you get the best estimate possible.

Arched Vinyl Window

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You can try The Home Depot they offer the leading styles in the industry

We replace and install top quality windows from practical vinyl and rich wood styles, to traditional glass replacement.

Home Depot

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Job completed in a timely matter. Clean up for very satisfactory, and well brief on the warranty and procedure for any complaints.

Install process was great.

What impressed me the most was the great contact of Home Depot with me every step of the way, before, during and after the install.

Love my doors!

Very happy with the whole window process. They exceeded my expectations. Extremely pleased with the customer service. I Have already told many people how happy I am right now.

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Heating & Air Conditioning is a necessity of life in some parts of the country and feels like an inevitability to most of us regardless of the climate where we live. The temperature extremes in the winter and summer call for a reliable heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Your best bet at maintaining your heating and cooling system in top shape is to hire a professional HVAC or electric contractor that’s qualified for all types of repair and installation work to help you with all of your repair, replacement and installation needs. Heating and cooling service contractors are able to get your HVAC system working as soon as possible!
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If you are in the market for a new, energy efficient furnace or air conditioner or you just need to perform regular maintenance to extend the life of your current unit, is the right place to find a local, quality heating and air conditioning service professionals. These HVAC technicians are the best in the business. Below are the types of information you will need to know in order to submit your project to regional Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors:.

What type of products/services do you need? (ie. Furnace or Air Conditioner Maintenance, replacement, duct work, solar panels or water heater).
Type of power to unit? (ie. Gas, electric).
Age of current HVAC equipment?
Approximate square footage of your home.
Other project specific details you can provide will make sure you get the best HVAC estimate possible.

Furnace Maintenance Picture 3.
Green Friendly Heating & Air Conditioning.

Find out more about today’s eco-friendly HVAC patterns. Use the form on this site to ask for Green HVAC options, but you can also check out more Green HVAC Options.

Finding a General Contractor

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General Contractors can help with many of the major commercial and residential improvement projects you are working on.  When you’re looking for someone to do some serious work on your house or business a general contractor will be able to properly strategise, coordinate and put together exactly what you’re looking for.

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With expertise in renovation, repairs, installation of windows and doors as well as electrical, HVAC, framing, plumbing and everything else associated with a large building project, a good general contractor is your best choice for having a successful experience. They can put together all the pieces of the puzzle.

Quality General Contracting Companies

Here at window installation estimates we know that finding the right general contractor can be difficult at times, especially with so many to choose from in your area.  Typically a home or business owner would thumb through their local phone book deciding on a contractor based on how large their advertisement was.  Now web users have our online contractor referral service to help them find the perfect general contractor company for whatever their next major project are.  We have put together a directory of only the highest quality home improvement specialists to help make your decision simple and easy! You can also find many helpful articles and blog posts about home renovation projects and common tips that homeowners need when completing their projects.